Shampoo and Conditioning
Fine textures are to be shampooed at least 2-3 times a week, more if the hair is producing oil daily. If the curl pattern is curly, then once a week is good.
Conditioner is used to soften and moisturize hair after shampooing. Choose conditioner according to hair type and hair issue.

Combing the Hair
The hair is at its weakest point while wet and should be detangled with care starting from the ends and working up to the root. Combing the hair roughly while wet will break the hair causing more tangling. Use serum in moderation to tame frizz caused by tangling and also to control curls with fine hair textures.
Twist outs, coils and two strand twist styles should be combed out within two weeks or the hair will begin to mat more and more with each style making it difficult to comb out once it is wet. It is recommended that the hair be combed out prior to shampooing to avoid excessive tangling (which is not a normal part of being natural). Natural/textured hair does not tangle and mat up when properly cared for.

Maintenance products such as oil sheens, glossifiers, moisturizers and serums are to be used externally on hair that already has a hair care routine. Internal remedies like water, vitamin supplements and healthy meals will contribute to growth and over all health of the hair. Exercise stimulates blood circulation therefore increasing blood flow which feeds the root of the hair to aid in growth.

Protein deposited into the hair every 6-8 weeks will strengthen the bonds in the hair after it has been weakened by chemicals, medication, stress, or rough handling.

Keeping the ends of the hair cut or trimmed (every 6-8 weeks) using professional grade steel (shears or scissors) will prevent breakage and splitting. Going too long without a trim will cause split ends to travel up the shaft resulting in shedding. Trimming or cutting the hair with household scissors will cause the ends to split open because the blade isn't sharp enough or simply not designed to cut hair.

Although one of the most popular styles out, it is one of the most neglected style in terms of care. Of course this doesn't apply to every one. Locs should be shampooed every 2-4 weeks and going longer than that will cause product build up and an accumulation of dead skin cells resulting in dry scalp, flaking, thinning or atrophied locs. Stop using a product if you see build up in the lock after twisting. Water-based products are generally best to use because they shampoo out easily without the buildup.